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I started reading Ulysses last semester, by the recommendation of my teacher. I started it, made it four or five chapters in, and I can't find the will to pick it back up! I love this book. Everything about it interests me, and it is undoubtably the best novel ever written....but since this book I have been ruined.
I can't finish any other books...I use to be able to pick up any book and finish it in a day or two, but since Ulysses I am unable to finish anything...with the exception of Samuel Becketts work, but thats another story...
I'm looking for some moral support I suppose, like minded people who will stimulate me into reading the novel. I can't find anyone who is willing to really talk abotu it, and the teacher that recommended the book is not around anymore. So if anyone has anything useful they can give me about the book, motivation, opinions, or suggestions on how to handle this everest of a book, please let me know.
Thank you very much
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